• PharmaGel™ PGA Series Ceiling Filter Modules

    The standard PharmaGelTM module housing is fabricated from 0.063′′ thick aluminum with welded seams and equipped with 5⁄8′′ integral turned-out flanges for compatibility with either 11⁄2′′ tee bar grids or gypsum/plastered ceilings. Optional flanges of 304 stainless steel are available.

    This ducted module is an excellent choice where Class 100 or better HEPA filtered air supplies are required. Housing and filters are shipped in separate cartons to ensure the HEPA filters are not installed until site conditions are "glove clean".

  • Pharmagel™ Ducted Ceiling Filter Modules with Room Side Replaceable High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter

    Designed for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications

    The AAF Flanders® Pharmagel™ HEPA filter ceiling module is ideal for applications requiring an easily replaceable HEPA filter cartridge without risk of bypass leakage. An AAF Flanders® gel sealant pocket ensures airtight integrity at the filter to module seal.

    The Pharmagel™ module was designed with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in mind. Filter cartridges can be tested and replaced without disturbing the module housing. The removable stainless steel perforated grill allows easy wipe down of the modules to prevent cross contamination of the product. Stainless steel trim is also available.

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