• Single or Twin (one or two operators)
  • Safety glass viewing windows or full-view plastic access panels
  • Air locks and vacuum antechambers
Unit of Measure



N/A Stainless Steel


N/A Single Twin

Number of Operators

N/A 1 2

Environmental Control Modules

Humidity Control

N/A These modules monitor and regulate the process gas to maintain the humidity level you specify. Low-humidity modules achieve desired conditions by regulating the purge gas (nitrogen, argon, or dry air).
  • Dual Purge™
  • System Dew Watch™
  • NitroWatch®
  • Humex™

Vacuum Control

N/A Control modules and pumps are available for a wide range of process pressures, from 5" WG to one atmosphere.
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Turnkey Fitting Kits
  • Vacuum Controllers
  • Vacuum/Nitrogen Pumps

Process Gas Generation and Analysis

N/A Terra provides gas generators, mixers, and monitors to guarantee a reliable processing environment.
  • Nitrogen Generator
  • Gas Mixer
  • Dryex™ Dry Air Generators
  • Trace Oxygen Analyzer
  • Dry Gas Generator

Static Control

N/A Terra engineers will configure the right combination of Ionizers and dissipative materials to protect sensitive parts against ESD.
  • Ionizing Bar and Blower Static-Dissipative PVC
  • Ionizing Gun

Temperature Control

N/A A wide range of process temperature solutions, from -40 ºC to +300 ºC. Double-wall, insulated gloveboxes ensure stable temperatures. The Process Controller allows multi-cycle process documentation and control.
  • Process Gas Heater
  • Refrigeration Module
  • Process Gas Cooler
  • Process/Sequence Controller
  • Pass-Through Vacuum Ovens

Particle and Germ Control

N/A Terra helps you meet particle requirements as low as Class 1 through laminar flow and HEPA/ULPA filtration technologies. Radius comers and ultra-clean materials (including electro polished stainless steel) contribute to a dean, aseptic processing environment.
  • Filtration/Recirculation Modules
  • Laminar Flow Filter/Fan Modules

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