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Electronically Commutated Motor (EC)

The SPX-EC is Technical Air Product's most feature rich FFU, offering customers the highest level of performance and control. The electronically commutated motor is a variable speed motor which automatically ramps up or down to keep a consistent air flow. When teamed with an auto-control card, the SPX-EC fan filter unit can provide customers with a completely automated clean air environment.
Unit of Measure



N/A Technical Air Products

Maximum Airflow Rate

N/A 510 ft³/min

Power at Maximum Flow

N/A 470 W

Airflow Rate at 90 Feet per Minute (ft/min) Average Speed

N/A 253 ft³/min

Power at 90 Feet per Minute (ft/min) Average Speed

N/A 132 W

Filter Type

N/A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

Efficiency Rating for High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter at 0.3 Microns (µm)

N/A 99.99 %


N/A White

Electronically Commutated Variable Speed Motor (ECM) Power

N/A 1/3 hp


N/A 120 V

Power Cord Length

N/A 8 ft


N/A Powder Coated

Material Thickness

N/A 20 gauge

Construction Material

N/A Steel

Nominal Size

N/A 2 x 2 ft

Housing Style

N/A Room-Side Replaceable (RSR) Room-Side Replaceable Everything (RSRE)



N/A 23.62 in


N/A 23.62 in


N/A 17.50 in



  • Painted white, expanded metal face screen.
  • Variable speed control with an 8' power cord.
  • 30 % efficient ASHRAE prefilter - 1" thick
  • Basic control card with manual rpm adjustment.

Optional Features

Optional Features

  • ULPA or PTFE filters.
  • Perforated powder coated steel, stainless steel (304 or 316), or anodized aluminum face screen.
  • Room-side Replaceable (RSR), or Room-side Replaceable Everything (RSRE).
  • 220 V, or 277 V.
  • Prewired to a control panel.
  • Stainless steel (304 or 316), or aluminum construction.
  • 30 % efficient ASHRAE prefilter – 2", or 4" thick.
  • Auto-control cards, consoles and sensors available for varying degrees of automation



N/A Data from typical setup using 1" prefilter and standard HEPA filter. Results will vary depending on filter media used.

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