The newest additions to our digital family of Ceiling Emitters and Controllers, the Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter and the Model 5582 Controller, are designed to integrate with IonManager software, the most comprehensive and robust ionizer management software available. This digital room ionization system provides the flexibility to remotely and individually control and address system operational settings including alarm sensitivity, ion output, ion pulse timing, and polling frequency. Precision fine tuning allows your ionization system to achieve maximum performance, specially calculated for your specific applicatio
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1295 N/A Digital Ionization Room System Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter with either the Model 5582 Controller or the Model 5522 Controller N/A Simco-Ion™ N/A Model 5522 Controller Model 5582 Controller
1294 N/A Model 5511 Ceiling Emitter Digital Ionization Room System N/A Simco-Ion™ N/A Model 5520 Controller Model 5570 Handheld Remote
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